Fire damage

We are fire damage restoration specialists.

Fire damage can be especially devastating to your home, usually occurring without warning. Your property will likely suffer major damages, including smoke and even water damage from the fire department putting out the blaze. Our fire damage professionals can assess this type of damage and repair it through smoke-odor and soot-cleanup efforts.

Fire Damage Cleanup Company Tyler, TX
Fire and Smoke Odor Restoration Tyler, TX

Fire damage Restoration & Repairs

Since cleaning up and restoring your damaged property might be both dangerous and difficult for you, it would be best to hire a damage restoration professional to get the job done fast. It is a must that the service provider that you hire properly trains and educates their people.

Emergencies like house fires are very complex and will require only the best professionals to solve the problem of cleaning up and restoring after the emergency occurs. Not only do restoration professionals have to respond quickly after a house fire, but they also have to be trained to properly handle the situation. Nortex Restoration professionals are fully trained and knowledgable in all types of fire damage.

Fire emergencies are devastating and restoring what’s left of your property can be overwhelming. As it can be too risky to handle it by yourself, getting help from a professional is your best option. Your insurance company might even give you a list of approved contractors that can provide you with their services. When searching for the right contractor, it is important to take your time in asking every important detail ahead of time. Most importantly, prevention is better than a cure.

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If you have experienced any type of damage to your home as a result of a flood, fire, or storm please give us a call immediately.