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For 20 years, we have been helping East Texans recover after all types of damages to their home. Whether a flood, fire, storm, or simply a burst pipe, we have you covered.

Flood Damage Restoration Tyler, TX

Water Damage

Water damage can become extremely serious very quickly, due to the water causing flooring, wall-coverings, paint, and belongings to become damp. This can lead to dangerous mold spores infecting your home, putting your family at risk. Our restoration prefessionals can quickly respond to a flooded area in your home and correct any damage that may have occurred.

Fire Damage Restoration Tyler, TX

Fire Damage

Fire damage can be especially devastating to your home, usually occurring without warning. Your property will likely suffer major damages, including smoke and even water damage from the fire department putting out the blaze. Our fire damage professionals can assess this type of damage and repair it through smoke-odor and soot-cleanup efforts.

Trauma and Accident Scene Cleanup Tyler, TX

Trauma Cleanup

A crime or accident scene can present many dangerous contaminants and biohazardous materials to those that must clean it up. After the police have finished processing the scene, it is time for trauma cleanup professionals to assess and safely restore the situation. At Nortex Restoration, we provide around-the-clock trauma restoration services for when an accident happens.

Storm Damage Restoration and Cleanup Tyler, TX

Storm Damage

Storm damage can come without warning, and can damage your home's integrity, as well as leave you and your family devestated. From flooding, falling trees, wind damage, to fires as a result of lightening, storms can bring unexpected chaos to your home. At Nortex Restoration, we provide 24/7 restoration services when storm disaster strikes.

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If you have experienced any type of damage to your home as a result of a flood, fire, storm please give us a call immediately.